Often, going out for breakfast isn’t so much about the food as it is about the conversation while eating. I tried to keep that in mind during this morning’s meal.

Around 10 o’clock, we drove up Highway 512 toward Bath for breakfast at The Turn In Restaurant. It had been a few years since we’d last visited. Neither of us remembered much about our last visit. (A sign of aging?)

After being asked “smoking or non-smoking?” we were shown to a non-smoking booth next to the front window. The small rooms were crowded and the smell of smoke lingered. Still, our booth was bright, clean, and decorated with a vase of lavender silk flowers. The vinyl benches and Formica table top looked relatively new.

An efficient teen gave us iced water and menus. A minute or so later a tall, 40-ish waitress arrived with pad and pen. We asked for scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, whole wheat toast, and home fries. She brought my coffee, steaming but only moderately strong in a shallow white cup and saucer.

Over sections of and we talked about the recently announced vice-presidential candidates ( and ), and some regional news stories.

Our food arrived on hot oval plates. We’d barely lifted our forks when the waitress returned to “top off” my full cup of coffee. Except to bring the check, it was her last visit. In her defense, she looked tired. This is one reason we tend to favor those restaurants that leave a small carafe of coffee on the table at breakfast. Customers are happier, and there is less work for the staff.

The toast was nicely browned but otherwise our meal was non-exceptional. The potatoes, though also browned, were heavy with the taste of onions. The bacon was plentiful, but too greasy. The eggs were small.

As we ate we continued to talk – about our son’s latest email advice, about local politics, and other matters of interest. Turning breakfast into a date gives us a chance to catch up on the week. We’re free from phone calls and morning chores. And we enjoy the drive, there and back again.

Our meal at the Turn In was inexpensive, only about $10 (plus tax and tip) for two plates of eggs, bacon, toast, home fries, and a single cup of coffee. Not bad. Then when we got up to leave, I saw that while the carpet was bright and flowery along the edge, the path between the tables was almost black. A real turn off. I do hope the owners will consider adding new floor covering to their wish list of upgrades.

The Turn In Restaurant is located at 162 N. Walnut Street in Bath, PA. It is open 24 hours.

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