The New City View Diner sits proudly at the top of the hill on MacArthur Road in Whitehall, just north of Highway 22. Given its fantastic view of Allentown, it is aptly named. Since we were driving to the Lehigh Valley Mall area, the City View seemed a natural place for us to enjoy a leisurely Saturday breakfast. Apparently many others felt the same because, in spite of the sad downturn in the economy, the large restaurant was nearly filled when we arrived just before 10 this morning. No waiting though. We were seated immediately at one of the few vacant tables.

With its influence, this Greek diner is both bright and clean. The long walls of windows bring the outdoors inside. The day’s dark clouds and drizzling rain didn’t dampen the warm, inviting feel in the large dining room. Our tall, young waitress quickly brought us our cups of coffee and glasses of water.

The City View’s breakfast menu contains a broad selection of eggs, a variety of pancakes and French Toast with a number of fruit toppings, as well as many other breakfast specialties. The rainy autumn weather seemed to call for a hearty breakfast. I chose a bacon and cheddar omelette. My husband ordered steak and eggs.

As we waited for our meal we skimmed through the morning papers. We especially noted the sad news about the death of . Among his other accomplishments, he was a published author who had written historical articles for the for over 30 years. left a solid legacy and he will be missed. Somehow, the day’s rain seemed appropriate. Our condolences go to his family.

Soon, our poised waitress was presenting our breakfast on hot, white plates. My husband’s strip steak was steaming and medium rare. He enjoyed it along with his eggs, homefries, and wheat toast. My bacon omelette and potatoes filled my plate providing more than I could eat. The food was hot, not greasy, and totally delicious. In spite of the now packed restaurant, our waitress checked back frequently as we ate, keeping our coffee and water glasses filled.

Our total bill came to just over $17 (plus tip) for steak, eggs, homefries, and toast plus a bacon omelette, homefries, and toast, as well as two coffees with ample refills. Considering the tastiness of the food, the warm atmosphere, and the fine service, it was well worth the cost.

The New City View Diner is located at 1831 MacArthur Road in Whitehall, PA. It is open 24 hours and provides a nice spot for breakfast, or any other meal. Click comments (above) to share your own experiences there.