Our son recommended we try the Golden Gate Diner. Golden Gate Diner Sign“It’s an old-fashioned city diner,” he said.  “Good coffee and good food.  I think you’ll like it.”  And so, on this frigid Saturday morning – the thermometer read 15°F – my husband and I set out for breakfast.  For such a cold morning many others had the same idea.  The lot was packed so we parked on the street behind the restaurant.  Inside we were shown to a window booth.

Our waitress brought glasses of water and coffee then gave us time to look over the breakfast menu.  The offerings breakfast-1192were standard – egg dishes including omelets, pancakes, French Toast, and assorted side dishes.  We decided on simple eggs and bacon.

The Golden Gate is not fancy but it has a type of charm I appreciated.  A comfort factor.  As we waited for our food, we relaxed in the retro decor and friendly atmosphere.  Laughter rippled from the adjoining booths.  Behind the counter, a green mixer whirred.  A busy waitress stopped by our table to refill our coffee.  The brew was rich and black,  every bit as good as our son had promised.

Golden Gate foodSoon our smiling waitress arrived in her bright red blouse, carrying four plates of food.  Two were for us, two for another booth.  She handled the multiple plates with ease.

We’d each ordered eggs, home fries, crisp bacon and whole wheat toast with strawberry jam.  The eggs were hot, moist, and tasty.  They were also larger than what we’ve had at a few other diners.  Nice. The potatoes were cooked well and fresh tasting.  My husband thought the bacon a bit salty, but the flavor was there.  The waitresses kept our coffee cups filled.   All in all it was a satisfying meal.

Our total bill came to $9.97 (plus tip) for two servings of eggs, home fries, bacon, toast and coffee.  A flavorful meal in a friendly environment (and under $10 for two!) is truly appreciated.   I recommend a visit.

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The Golden Gate Diner is located at 1318 Union Boulevard, Allentown.  It is a few blocks east of Airport Road on the south side of the road, directly across from McDonald’s.