A cloud-covered weekend morning took us to Easton’s west side and Palmer Township’s City Diner for breakfast.  To area natives, City Breakfast Signrvthe City Diner is more than an old standby – it’s a landmark and, to some, almost a home away from home.  According to the, the diner, which opened in the late 1950′s, is among the oldest diners in the Easton area.  Owner “Nick Giacoumopoulos took over in 1980,” the site says, and their chef has been there for over twenty-five years.   Like a good cheddar, it appears to have aged well.

The front and side parking lots were almost full when we arrived just after ten o’clock.  We found a space near the back.  Inside, the restaurant staff hustled – taking orders, serving food, re-filling coffee, clearing tables.  I asked if a booth might be available and we were quickly shown to the lone empty one along the back wall of the front section.  I noted that tables and booths were spaced closely, but not uncomfortably so.   A pleasant waitress delivered our requested water, a cup of coffee and a cup of tea.

An easel blackboard in the entryway had listed, among other items: raisin French toast and a broccoli cheese omelet – two of my favorites.  City DinerrvStill, I browsed through the menu.  It contained the usual diner fare.  Not sure why but I chose simple bacon and eggs, as did M.

While we waited, we sipped our hot beverages and browsed the morning paper.  We were especially drawn in by As we read, voices around us hummed.  I heard the owner/manager deliver a fresh plate to another customer; M. said later that he seemed to be actively involved, keeping a watchful eye.

Our food arrived.  Except for the preparation of the eggs, we’d ordered basically the same platesbreakfast 190 – eggs, bacon, homefries.  Our bacon was crispy, as requested, with a nice salty flavor.  My eggs were well scrambled, moist, and delicious!  M.’s poached eggs were fine, although close to being overcooked.  Still, he said he recognizes restaurants’ concerns over the egg police and problems that arise from undercooked eggs.  Our homefries were crispy, as requested; flavor was diner average.  Toast was perfect, and still hot when delivered.

Our waitress provided friendly, efficient service.  For a wholesome diner breakfast, I’d recommend a visit.

The total bill for two orders of eggs, bacon (3 pieces each), homefries, wheat toast, one coffee and one tea, came to just under $12 (plus tip).  Reasonable in today’s market.

The City Diner is located at 1061 S. 25th St., Easton, PA (Palmer Township) – at the corner of 25th St. and Freemansburg Road.  610-258-5526.  They are open Monday through Saturday 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and Sunday from 6 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.