On this pleasant Sunday morning, my husband and I visited the Top Diner in Allentown for breakfast.  Our son, a diner devotee,breakfast 207 recommended we try it.  “It’s reasonably priced,” he said.  “Great service!”  As always, his assessment was accurate.

We arrived late morning.  The diner was crowded but we were quickly shown to a vacant window booth.  Immediately I noticed the well-installed translucent window shades that blocked the bright sun, yet still allowed light and a sense of view.  In fact, decor throughout the restaurant appeared fresh and tasteful.  Our son later told us they’d redecorated a year or two ago.

An efficient young waitress delivered our requested coffee and glasses of water then gave us time to look over the menu – a nice offering of breakfast entrees and sides.  My attention was drawn to the French Toast.  Top Diner outsideInteresting that they offer both thin and thick French Toast (for a few pennies more).  M. ordered his favorite, Eggs Benedict.

Once we ordered, we turned to the morning newspaper.  An article titled caught my eye.  This fall, East Penn and Parkland School Districts will join forces to implement a cyber school pilot program in the hope of preventing students from leaving public schools to attend cyber charter schools.  I wondered – why are they leaving?  Is education better in a cyber charter school?  Unless schools implement a program that addresses better quality, will the program succeed?  And, at what cost to the taxpayers?

Our meals arrived.  I’d ordered a short stack of thick French Toast with maple syrup and three slices of crisp bacon. Top Diner meal Quite tasty, and the perfect amount.  M.’s Eggs Benedict were well prepared with nicely poached eggs, and a good quality Hollandaise sauce.  The lone drawback, quite minor, was that his home fries were more buttery and less crisp than he likes.  Otherwise our meals, and the atmosphere, were fine in every way.

Service was outstanding!  Our smiling waitress returned often to discreetly check on our needs and those of the surrounding booths.  At one point, a bus boy came around with the coffee pot.  We found the entire staff very friendly.

Our total bill with tax came to just over $14 (less tip) for 2 slices of thick French Toast, 3 slices of bacon, Eggs Benedict, an extra order of wheat toast, and two cups of coffee with abundant refills.  As our son said, “reasonable.”  I recommend you try the Top Diner soon for a satisfying breakfast in a pleasant environment.

The Top Diner is located at 1019 Union Blvd., Allentown, PA, just east of Airport Road.  610-432-9821.