Saturday’s rains had a poetic quality. Staunch downpours took only an occasional breath to drizzle, then poured again.  The rains are making the Lehigh Valley’s Bistro on Mainlandscape a hundred shades of green.  We might have stayed indoors but it seemed to be the perfect morning to enjoy breakfast at The Bístro on Main in Nazareth.

We’d also been reminded by and the Express-Times that this weekend marked the Rotary’s fifth annual .  The 5,000 acre tract of land that is now Nazareth was once owned by William Penn’s family.  Each year, the tax to the heirs was one red rose.  In memory, the Rotary now holds an annual rose sale, with funds raised going back to the community.  So, on our way to breakfast, we stopped to buy our red rose.

The charming restaurant was nearly full when we arrived but we Bistro breakfastfound a lone table that seemed to be waiting for our arrival.  Our server, a tall young man, efficiently dropped off the breakfast menu then returned with two cups of steaming black coffee.  Delicious!  The one-page menu had a nice variety including omelets and other egg dishes, pancakes, and crepes!  Not a dish always found in the Valley.  Of course I had to try them.  I’ve been a crepe lover since a visit to Quebec a few years ago.  M. chose a hearty breakfast platter.

As we waited for our food, we talked and enjoyed the funky atmosphere of the bistro.  breakfast 218Its black ceiling, checkerboard black and white border, gold painted walls, and subdued lighting make it a delightful place to enjoy a meal.

Our food arrived. I was astounded by the crepes. I had chosen a combination of fillings – blueberries, blackberries, and peaches.  The crepes were packed with the fruit and the resulting flavor was exquisite.  Perhaps not quite the same as my memory of Quebec’s French crepes :wink: but very close.  M. also enjoyed his meal.  He’d ordered a platter that included three eggs, two meats, homefries, and wheat toast.  His eggs were exceptionally well-prepared and the meat was tasty.

Service was top-notch with our coffee cups refilled as often as needed.

Our total bill came to just over $15 (plus tip) for two coffees with ample refills, a breakfast platter that included three poached eggs, bacon, grilled sausage, homefries, and toast, and a plate of two large crepes filled with fruit, garnished with whipped cream, and drizzled with sauce.  Quite reasonable.  For its atmosphere, quality of food, service, and price, we heartily recommend a visit to The Bístro!

The Bístro on Main is located at 47 S. Main Street in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, just south of Center Square.  484-298-3360.  They are open for breakfast and lunch.  Stop in and let me know what you think.