The Breakfast Table

The May sun slipped into my kitchen window greeting me with a soft smile.  I was about to brew a pot of coffee when a thought whispered.  Go out.  I’ve learned to listen to such thoughts.  So, I tucked my into my purse, grabbed jacket and car keys then stepped out into the fresh Saturday morning air.

Life changed for me with M’s sudden passing.  It happened more than a year ago without warning, too soon for us to be parted.  We had so much left undone, and unsaid.  In the early days of shock and grief, a dear friend offered sound advice.  Go out to eat occasionally, she said, with family, friends, or with a good book.  Just go out.  I’ve often followed her suggestion.  It’s eased the loneliness and helped me re-enter the world.

For this weekend’s outing I chose The Breakfast Table, a charming restaurant on Tatamy Road in Palmer Township.  It had been a long while since I’d been there, but the eatery hasn’t lost its interior charm.  At the front of the sunny dining room with its French country décor, the hostess greeted me warmly, offering a table of choice.  I took one along the wall.

A cheerful waitress brought me a glass of iced lemon water and steaming mug of black coffee.  The single page menu held breakfast items on one side and lunch on the back.  There was a broad assortment for breakfast –  French toast, pancakes, Quiche, breakfast burritos, Panini, several omelets, as well as the more traditional eggs cooked to order, steak and other meats, and fruit.  I opted for scrambled eggs, healthy fruit (in lieu of their delicious breakfast potatoes), whole wheat toast and thick strawberry jam.

Soul String by Casey Clifford

As I waited for my food I pulled out my Kindle and continued reading by .  SOUL STRING tells the tale of a grad student, Brenna Jane (B.J.) Kelley, and her long-lasting relationship with Professor Caleb Forrester.  It opens on the campus of the University of Madison in the turbulent 1970’s.  It’s the first novella in a series that will span twenty years of B.J.’s life and career, a time of change for women in both the academic and the business world.  Clifford’s voice drew me in with her compelling description and tidbits from another time.  A truly intriguing read – can’t wait to finish this novella, and continue the saga.

My food was delivered by the pleasant waitress.  I took out a moment to take a quick picture for this blog then enjoyed the flavor of the eggs and fresh fruit.  I continued reading.  Around me I heard the cordial chatter of other diners enjoying their visits and meals.

My scrambled eggs were moist and flavorful.  I spread my wheat toast with thick, homemade jam.  The fresh melon and strawberries were cool and sweet.  The coffee was both fragrant and hot.  As I ate, I saw large plates of blueberry pancakes and thick French Toast topped with cream pass by, headed toward another table.  I almost envied the diners, then took another bite of strawberry.

I had ordered two scrambled eggs, two slices of whole wheat toast with jam, fresh fruit, and coffee.  The substitution of fruit for potatoes added $1.25 to my meal, for a total of just under $8.00 (plus tax and tip).   The restaurant accepts only cash or check – no credit cards.

is located at 1315 Tatamy Road in Palmer Township.  They are open Tuesday through Saturday, 7 to 2 for breakfast and lunch.  Sunday hours are from 8 until 2, breakfast only.  Closed on Monday.  Charming atmosphere, friendly service, delicious food.  What more can one ask?  I wholeheartedly recommend a visit.